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Mercure München Olympiapark


History of art meets nobility


The famous “Schönheitengalerie”, shrouded in partly scandalous history, which was created by king Ludwig I. and is located in the nearby castle Nymphenburg, provided with its portraits of noble and bourgeois ladies the central theme and inspiration for this Mercure Hotel.

To reflect the up-to-dateness of the brand as well as the relevance and importance of art in all epochs, a mixture of pop-art and the more classical origins of the Schönheitengalerie was created. This symbiosis of contemporary design attitude with royal-classical notes can be found in the depiction of the portraits themselves as well as all of the interior design, from furnishings to wall, floor and installation designs.

The striking likenesses and the partly hidden, partly abstract portrayals of king Ludwig are present all over the house and invite guests on a journey of exploration. Perhaps even reaching the scandalous facts and anecdotes regarding these ladies steeped in history, which in the end contributed to king Ludwig I. losing his throne.


„They seem to me from a noble house: they look proud and dissatisfied.“Johann Wolfgang von Goethe