Office for
Interior Design

Office for Interior Design





Future-oriented – full of tradition


Craftsmanship is integral part and inspiration for the design of the offices of the Kreishandwerkerschaft.
The artistic mastery of different crafts can immediately be seen and experienced in the interior design.

Next to the functionality of the rooms, the idea of lived craftsmanship as occupation and vocation is central to the design.

Thus the design concept includes historic references and graphical motives which take this into account.
Guild representative photographs and abstract presentations of the stamps which wandering journeymen had to collect as wall decorations aren’t only supposed to remind of the rich history of craftsmanship in general.
They are meant to offer opportunities for identification with the context and content of the work done right here and now.
This adds dimension and meaning to the too often merely functionally assessed role of rooms, in which people work together.

Craftsmanship and interior design
hand in hand
to breathe life into rooms
and give room to live.


„With heart, hand and mind.“Saying