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Selecta Klemm GmbH & Co. KG

Inspired by nature and research


In keeping with the new extension building at the Stuttgart headquarters of the Selecta Group, one of the world‘s leading breeders, producers, and distributors of ornamental plants, the hallway linking the existing building with the new one has been redesigned together with the staff dining room.
Traditional, natural materials were combined with modern features to reflect the company’s line of business, as well as its history and forward-looking attitude.

To facilitate the required temporary use of the space as a seminar room, the table formats were designed for multifunctional purpose; either to stand alone for seminars, or to be put together for the primary use of staff dining room.

The free-standing kitchen block serves both as a bar table, and as a sideboard for lunch buffets.
During seminar programs, the hatch provides access to catering from the food preparation area.

Aside from objective allusions, such as the bar stools that resemble plant pots, or the pendant lamps that represent research work in the lab, an award winning plant breeding of the company was selected for the design of the wallpaper.


„Flowers are nature’s smile. One can do without them, but not as well.“Max Reger