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CafeBar "BLISS", Stuttgart

  • Photos: Nobbe K

  • Photos: Nobbe K

  • Photos: Nobbe K

  • Photos: Nobbe K

Summer atmosphere by day and by night


This Cafebar has a continuous glass facade with a large outdoor area. This “summer atmosphere“ is also mirrored in the interior and thus suits both the daytime operation as a café and the nighttime use as a bar. A “blissful“ atmosphere is achieved through its bold color scheme.

Two oversized, improperly positioned indoor pillars become exceptional elements of interior decoration.

A stairway that was centrally located in the room and needed to be retained was made into lighted seating furniture.

Since only a ceiling grid could be used due to the building installation, the ceiling was kept dark. Striking ceiling lights form a second plane of view and allow the dark ceiling grid to visually recede into the background.


„A person‘s life is dyed with the color of his imagination.“Marc Aurel