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Novotel Hannover



The Novotel slogan "Designed for natural living" is implemented through material properties, choice of colors, surface…

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Mercure Vienna First

“Viennese Blend“ - unique as Vienna itself


Inspired by Mercure‘s philosophy that grants every hotel its individual character, rooted in regional…

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Novotel Messezentrum Nuremberg



The aim of this project was to create a harmonious space that meets all the functional and operational requirements of…

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Mercure Bristol Sindelfingen

A journey to the world of fashion


The Mercure Hotel “Bristol” in Sindelfingen tells its guests the lively story and takes them on a trip to the…

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Novotel Niederrad

Flexibility, unity and character


High demand for flexibility required conception of an open room without fixed installations. The elongated room is…

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Novotel Frankfurt City Center

Independent and harmonious design


The new restaurant was integrated into the existing hotel with open passages between spaces.

The new design was…

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Mercure City Center Stuttgart

Multifunctionality and local charme


A particular challenge of this „soft“ renovation was that it required working with and around existing…

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