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Mercure Vienna First

“Viennese Blend“ - unique as Vienna itself


Inspired by Mercure‘s philosophy that grants every hotel its individual character, rooted in regional identities, the design plays with a “Viennese Blend“ of famous clichés.
These turn up unexpectedly and in surprising arrangements. Strolling through the “Mercure Vienna First“ brings to mind striking parallels to a walk around the city of Vienna.
These “quotes“ have been used as decorative features of interior design, not expecting that all details are going to be recognized. Rather, the intention is to make the emotional feel of the city come to life and to convey its spirit.

In the restaurant, the structure of the existing building is highlighted with the use of graphic designs emphasizing the arches. This idea has been borrowed from classical Viennese coffee houses, as is the famous coffee house chair; here in contemporary form.
Different types of seating furniture represent the city‘s diversity. Together with the floor design they divide the space into individual zones, thus creating various areas to get comfortable.
A combination of direct and indirect illumination allows for various lighting scenarios. This way it is possible to create a suitable mood for breakfast, as well as for the evenings.

In the hallways, the design of the carpets features the dance steps of the Viennese waltz. These can be matched with respective waltz melodies through the activation of QR-Codes installed on every floor.

The motif wall in the guest rooms has been designed with the lyrics of one of the most famous songs about Vienna: “Vienna, you city of my dreams.“ Apart from the German version, the lyrics are also represented in English and French, according to the sequence of the song‘s translation after its release in 1912. All three languages are displayed in different font types. Reminiscent of the Vienna Secession, the German lyrics feature an art nouveau font. This font reoccurs within the building on signposts and room numbers.


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